Advice on running a small business, from Bristol’s BRAVE Enterprise

Almost everyone running a small business needs some support and help. There are few, if any, owners of small businesses who know and can do, absolutely everything necessary.

BRAVE specialises in offering advice and support to entrepreneurs running businesses which typically employ (or contract) between 1-10 people.

We understand small businesses often don’t have large training budgets but that training is vitally important in growing the business. We neatly resolve this ‘chicken-and-egg’ conundrum because, as a not-for-profit organisation, we can offer excellent courses at incredibly affordable prices.

We have a comprehensive range of workshops, run by established business managers and subject specialists. The workshops are lively, interactive and informative and you’ll leave with some great ideas and practical tips to implement straight away in your business.

Also on offer for those running a small business, Bristol-based or reasonably local, are our one-to-one advice sessions which we hold at our offices near the city centre.

Contact us to discuss your current needs.