One Thing You Can Do To Make Your Website Findable

With over 3 million searches on Google and thousands of pounds spent online every 60 seconds, the internet drives our economy. But the internet is really just an enormous library of content.

In other words… words (Keywords)!

With so much happening, how on earth will people find your business online?

There are plenty of things you can do to stand out from the crowd, and one of them is to make your website more Google friendly. This is where the SEO of your website comes in.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is basically getting to the top of Google, because most of us click on the first ‘organic search’. That’s the first link on the first page after the paid advert.  You can have a beautiful website, but if Google can’t see it, you’ll languish in oblivion.

Unless you can offer great content.

The ‘Google bot’ has eyes everywhere, and it eats content! An all seeing, all knowing, power-bot that scurries around over three billion times every day gobbling up fresh and relevant information.

But with so much content being produced every second, how do you get noticed by this voracious beast?

I’m not techy, and certainly no website, SEO or Google guru, but there is one thing you can do to boost your website to make friends with Google…


The ‘Google Bot’ likes fresh meat!

One mistake often made with websites is that people get it designed and launched, but don’t update it for months, until eventually, it stops getting noticed.

By having a blog on your website, you have a reason to update the content on it at least once a month (the minimum recommended amount to publish a blog).

Great content on your blog will naturally be filled with all those juicy keywords that your clients are searching for, and which the Google bot will feast on.

Imagine your website is your shop on the virtual high street. Now think about your behaviour when you walk into a store on the high street or in a shopping mall.

If you linger in a shop, browsing the shelves, the more time you spend looking around the more likely you will be to buy something. Or, at least remember that shop for future reference, so you can recommend it or shop there yourself.

Having a blog on your website does exactly this for your virtual shop. You are giving people something to look at, something to browse around and a taster of what your business is all about.

Now imagine you are at farmers’ market or food festival. Which stalls are popular?

The ones with the free samples!

Your blog content should not only appeal to Google – with all those delicious keywords – but it should also appeal to your potential customers too and give them an opportunity to ‘sample your knowledge’. The trick is to offer them content that they will find useful, interesting or entertaining.

Understanding what you customers want, allows you to make informed decisions about the words and phrases they will type into Google and when they find you, you can give them what they need.

They’ll get to know you through the updates on your website, get to like you and eventually to trust you enough to part with their cash or refer their friends to you.

With a few simple tweaks to those blogs, you keep people clicking around on your website and therefore they are far more likely to click ‘buy’.

So is it time for a spring clean to tidy up your website and make it more appetising for Google?

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