Marketing on a shoestring

Effective marketing is all about good communication and it doesn’t have to break the bank. So here are a few simple ideas for getting your business better known.

Have a strong brand

A brand is more than just a logo or an image. It provides a first impression of your business and shapes the way in which your customers respond. So give this some thought.

Produce great literature

Take care to ensure that your publicity contains only the key information that you need to convey. Include strong, clean images. People are put off by too much text and simply won’t read it. Include a call to action asking people to do something specific and a reply address or phone number so that people can find out more. Request email addresses so you can keep in touch.

Build good relations with journalists

Telephone them from time to time to suggest feature ideas or news stories. Issue press releases whenever something newsworthy is about to happen or has just happened. This could be a major new contract you have won or charity that you are supporting. Be an expert ready to respond to related news items.

Get out and about

Marketing can’t be done exclusively by someone sitting in an office in front of a computer. Giving talks is an excellent way of spreading the message. Prepare a simple presentation, perhaps in two formats – a shorter version and a longer one. Then use it – whether at a formal networking event or down at the pub!

Get your message across at every opportunity

Be excited about what you are doing and try to convey that sense of excitement to others. And give people the opportunity to help you. You could attend conferences and workshops, making sure that you ask questions or make points and mention your business and its benefits in the process.

Use social media

Identify which social media your target customers use and start offering expert advice and comment. For example, there are regional business groups on LinkedIn as well as sector-specific groups that you could target. But don’t sell to group members. It’s all about providing help to show off your expertise.

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