Co-operative Development Agency (CDA): advice and training

Are you looking to start or develop a co-operative?

A co-operative is a self-governing association of people who join together to meet their common cultural, economic and social needs and aspirations via jointly owned, democratically controlled enterprise.

A co-operative’s values are self-responsibility, equality, democracy, equity and solidarity. Members’ values include honesty, openness and social responsibility/care for others.

CDA offers specialist support on co-operative and community benefit society models at an hourly rate (£60) or daily rate (£450) for:

  • pre-feasibility and start-up advice
  • the conversion of an existing business or service into a co-operative or community benefit model
  • help with established community benefit societies and co-operatives
  • considering community shares
  • assessment against the Community Shares Compliance Mark (CSCM)

Training day for up to 12 people

CDA also offers co-operative governance training days for members and directors (existing and new).

The day, which costs £600, includes:


  • induction for new members
  • developing skills in co-operation, democracy and successful meetings
  • financial management
  • the law (the roles of regulators and officers)

You can call the CDA on 0117 314 4610 or email